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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Fabapp plans work?
Fabapp offers everything you need to build your app and get free hosting. You may choose to subscribe to one of our plans to get more features, benefits and remove our advertising.
What are the benefits of Fabapp's paid plans?
The plans offer several benefits, among them:
Advanced features and tools - subscribing to one of the plans gives you more options for personalization, sign-up management, users, and even the push notification limits.
Remove Fabapp Ads - Free Fabapp apps display ads from our company on the banner as well as in modal format. By signing one of the plans, in addition to removing the advertisements you can also customize them and make integrations to earn money.
More storage and bandwidth limit - Paid plans offer higher limits for storing files, having data transfers, and more in-app speed.
Is the subscription per app or per account?
Fabapp subscriptions are per application. That is, if you want the benefits and features of paid plans, you must subscribe per app.
How do I cancel?
Fabapp is flexible. There are no contracts or commitments. You can easily unsubscribe from the internet. There are no cancellation fees - you can start or end your subscription at any time.
What are the advantages of purchasing the semiannual and annual discount plans?
By subscribing to the semiannual or annual plan, as well as not having to worry so often about the monthly bill, you will have discounts when you subscribe to one of these modalities over the monthly plan.
Is there an additional cost to publish my apps in stores? And to update them?
Yes, in addition to Fabapp's plans, there will be an additional cost to publish your app in stores.
On Google Play, it is $ 25 to create your developer account paid directly to Google. We remind you that on Google Play, you can update your app yourself, without any other cost.
In the App Store, Apple store, 99 dollars are paid to Apple itself per year to activate your Apple developer account . Remember that on the App Store, our team sends the app to your activated developer account and then you submit the app for review by Apple. The app will only be published on the App Store after it has been approved by Apple's reviewer.
To publish the app on the App store, you need to subscribe to the Pro Plan.
The Plan Essential allows you to publish the app only on Google Play.
How do I pay for my plan and additional costs at Fabapp?
You can make payments at Fabapp with most commercial credit cards, such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Elo, Discover, and Diners Club. In addition there is also the option of payment via bank slip for additional services or semi-annual and annual plans.
What additional services does Fabapp offer?
Fabapp also offers complementary services such as design and branding, in-app settings, publishing, for example.
We also offer the Prime service, where we make the app for you using the features available on the platform.
Is the charge recurring or do I have to worry about renewal?
If it is a credit card subscription, renewal is automatic and you will receive your receipts and invoices via email. In the case of the ticket, our team will contact you in advance through email or whatsapp and you will be required to pay by the renewal due date.
Can I make money from my app in the App Factory?
Yes, there are several ways you can monetize and monetize your project and application at Fabapp. You can earn by selling in-app ads, building a customer loyalty system, delivering or even selling with payment buttons from PagSeguro, PayPal and more.
Do you support me in creating my app?
If you are still on the free plan, you have access to our Help Center and also the Fabaapp community, where we have thousands of customers and users willing to collaborate. For paid plan applications we have a ticket and ticket support system.
Can I unsubscribe from the plan? And what happens to my app if my subscription is canceled? Does he get out of breath?
Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time, without paperwork and without a headache. If you cancel your subscription, your app will revert to the basic plan, displaying our advertisements and limiting the features and benefits of paid plans, so it will not go down.
Do I need to upgrade my app in stores if I upgrade on the platform?
Most of the time not. If there are changes in content, new text, videos, images, colors, layouts and even internal page positioning changes there is no need to update the app version in stores, the update for the user is automatic. In specific cases, such as the insertion of features recently launched by Fabapp or structural changes in the app, the version update should be made.