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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of subscribing to a plan for my app?
With this it is possible to publish the app in stores. Functions such as push notifications, app data management, user login and registration, loyalty system and form are only available for apps with signed plans. In addition, the app will have more limit on data transfer and storage.
What is the difference between the plans?
Basically, the Essential Plan is the simplest plan whose main feature is to be able to publish the app on Google Play. In the Pro Plan, in addition to being more robust, it allows the publication of the app on the App store and Google Play. In the spreadsheet above you can see a comparison between each plan and all its benefits.
Is the subscription recurring, that is, does it automatically renew?
If payment is made via credit card, yes. No via boleto.
What are the payment methods for the plans?
Credit card or bank slip. For monthly plans there is no possibility of payment via boleto, only credit card.
Is there a free trial?
Yes. Use the promotional code FREE14A. It guarantees 14 days of free trial on all our plans, regardless of the payment method. To activate it, click on “Subscribe”, fill in the requested data and activate the coupon in the "Add Promotional Code" field.
Can I create multiple apps on the same plane?
No. The activation of plans is done by application. You can have multiple applications in the same account, each with their respective plan.
I want to make several apps to resell. Is there a discount?
Yes. In that case, you must use the Partner program. Click on the "Be a partner" button on the website header and see all the benefits.
I paid for a plan and it has not yet been activated. What to do?
If you paid via bank payment slip wait 2 days for it to be activated. Via credit card the subscription must be activated on the same day. If not, check if the card is fit for use, adjusting it if necessary. If the error persists, use the service chatbot available on the platform under the option “I signed a plan and it is not activated” which we will help.
How do I cancel?
In the "My Applications" panel, click next to your user, in the header and then in "Financial". Check the plan you want to cancel under “Contracted Plans” and then click on "Cancel Subscription". Attention: Uninstalling the app from the phone does not cancel the subscription of the app or delete the registered account
What happens to my app if my subscription has been canceled?
The app will return to display Fabapp advertisements and the benefits of the contracted plan will be interrupted after the end of the current cycle. Then the app will behave like a free app. See comparison in the spreadsheet above.
Is there any additional cost?
Yes. These are the costs related to the creation of developer accounts necessary for the publication of the app and the cost of the monthly transfer limit exceeded. In the Pro Plan, the amount of R $ 1.50 per GB exceeded. In the Essential Plan, the value is R $ 2.00 for each GB exceeded in the month. For the creation of developer accounts, consider $ 25 (one-time fee) paid to Google and $ 99 (annual) paid to Apple. Developer accounts must be paid with an international credit card only.
Is it possible to upgrade and / or downgrade the plan?
Yes. It is possible to subscribe to an Essential plan and switch to Pro and vice versa. It is also possible to change the frequency, for example, from semiannual to annual.
If I am not satisfied with the platform, can I request a chargeback?
Yes. If you request within 7 calendar days after signing, we will refund the full amount paid. Request a refund using the button, located in the lower right corner of the platform.