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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an app on Fabapp?
Register on the platform and start the process of creating the app indicated in the next steps after registration. Define the layout templates, select the functions of your application and publish it in stores. Then just publicize it. For all of this, use the articles in our Help Center to guide you. Subscribers also have our team of experts to help.
How does the payment of the plans work?
Pay via credit card or bank slip. Plan renewal is automatic for credit card payments. For payments via boleto, monthly subscriptions are not available.
How to make my idea viable?
The platform allows the creation of the most varied types of app. List the main functions of your application and adapt them to the features available on the platform.
How to create an application without paying anything?
Just build a Web App using the features available in our free plan. Make the registration by selecting the Free Plan, create your web application and disseminate it through the link that will be generated. If you need to, use our Help Center to assist you.
How to publish in stores an app created in Fabapp?
Just finish building your app on the platform, create your Developer accounts and then submit your app for store approval. For Google this account costs $ 25 paid once. At Apple, 99 dollars a year. These fees are paid by you directly to the stores using an international credit card. All steps are in our Help Center.
What expenses will I have with the app?
If you subscribe to our plans, you will have the cost related to the periodicity of the contracted plan (monthly, half-yearly or annual), in addition to the amounts for creating the Developer Google and / or Apple account (s) mentioned in the question above. If you use integration with other services, such as Google Maps and / or external platforms, also consider the costs charged for them.
How does cancellation work?
You can cancel a plan at any time. This action automatically stops benefits linked to the app on the plan's expiration date.
Will Fabapp create my app?
No. We are a platform made for our users to create their own apps. Our service is focused on providing the best platform and experience for this.