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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a free application?
With the Fabapp app builder, you get your project for free. Our platform has many features and functionalities at no cost to get you started. Your idea can take shape with an app made in our editor and when it's ready to be published into app stores or with a Progressive Web App (PWA) and start growing, you look for our subscriptions.
What are the first steps to create an app?
1) Establish a problem you want to solve or a situation you want to improve. Put your idea at the center of the project and then make an app;

2) Test your proposal. That is, see if people are interested in using your app to solve the proposed issue. Here you can also look for other apps that do the same or something similar to yours. Identifying strengths and weaknesses of your business and competitors should also be done at this time;

3) Mind and design your app. Think about what features, actions, or tasks your app needs to do to solve your customers' problem. Propose a logical sequence for a person who first accesses your app to have a good user experience.

4) Propose the design of your app. The colors, the arrangement of the information on the screens, what kind of information should be in each part for the customer to have quick, easy and efficient access.

5) Fill in content relevant to your customers. All so that people who come into your app understand what your proposal is and how they will solve their problem using your technology.

6) Create a PWA and put it to test. Publish your app as a web page that is suitable for phones and smartphones. With Fabapp, you make a PWA to test your idea smoothly and for free!

7) Publish to the Google Store store. For phones running Android , it is recommended that you have your app published there.

8) Post to the Apple Store store. Apple devices such as iPhone work with the iOS system and native apps work in this context. With Fabapp, you have complete advice to publish on the App Store;

9) Earn money with your app. Identify the main service you charge your customers for. Additional revenue is welcome, such as adding third-party ads to your app.
How to create a professional app?
First, you will need an administrative dashboard to update content and command actions for your users and customers. Second, you must have an application that can meet customer needs that can grow as demand grows and store user information for relevant content and offerings. Also, it is interesting to add features that increase your reach and interaction with your users, to increase recurrence of use. Finally, you should always keep your app content up to date.
How to publish my app on Google Play?
You need to get started by creating your developer account on the Google Play Developer Console. The account opening fee is U$ 25, charged by Google itself. This amount only needs to be paid to open the account, it is a one-time fee, no renewal. Then, to access the file that makes it possible to publish your app to the Google store (APK file), you must have a plan subscription with Fabapp, as well as sync your app to Google Firebase. Once the apk is downloaded, you will have 5 steps that need to be completed: App versions, app details, content rating, internal content, pricing and distribution. At the end of this process, it takes Google a few hours to make your app available in the store. You can follow the process on the developer page.
How do I publish my app to the Apple Store?
First, you need to have a developer account with Apple. For this you need to have an international card and pay the annual fee of $ 99.00 (ninety-nine dollars) directly to the company. Then you must have an Apple device for two-factor authentication. You should read all of the application development and publishing policies that Apple makes available. Then you need to sync Firebase on iOS (Apple's mobile and mobile operating system). Next, you'll need Apple's Team Name and Team ID and access the post with a specific password. Logo you will need to upload your app logo and home screen images.
How to make money with my app?
You can offer ad slots in your app for other companies to advertise to their users and customers. You can also offer products and services that your customers value. Remember to attract your customers with eye-catching deals and offers that will really shine the eye of anyone who comes. Send messages and engage your customers (with Push Notifications, for example), making your customers constantly access your app. You can try to charge your users for downloading from stores (Google and Apple) as long as your service is relevant and only obtainable by the app. Finally, you can try to implement a loyalty system to make your customers loyal when using your app to consume some product or service. You can reduce the time it takes your users to get back to your app.