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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an app on Fabapp
Register on the platform and start the app creation process indicated in the next steps after registration. Define the layout templates, select the functions of your app and publish it in the stores. Then just promote it. For everything Therefore, use our Help Center articles to guide you. Pro plan and Delivery plan subscribers count on our team of experts for support.
How does the payment plan work?
Pay via credit card, PIX or bank slip. Plan renewal is automatic for credit card payments. For payments via boleto and pix, monthly subscriptions are not available.
How to make my idea viable?
The platform allows the creation of the most varied types of app. List the main functions of your app and adapt them to the available features.
Am I entitled to test the platform for free?
The Free Plan allows you to create a simpler app and use the most common functions of the platform, having advertising on your display. You can upgrade to a better plan whenever you want.
What can I do to not have in-app advertising and access superior functionality?
Only the Free Plan will have advertising. To remove it, simply upgrade to the Essential, Pro or Enterprise plans. Each plan includes different features, access our plans page and choose the plan that best suits your needs.
How to publish an app created in Fabapp in stores?
Just finish building your app on the platform, create your Developer accounts and then submit your app for approval to the stores. For Google this account costs 25 dollars paid once. With Apple, 99 dollars per year. These fees are paid by you directly to stores using an international credit card. All the steps to do so are in our Help Center.
What expenses will I have with the app?
You will have the cost referring to the periodicity of the contracted plan (monthly or annual), in addition to the values for creating the Developer account(s) Google Play and/or App Store mentioned in the question above. If you use integration with other services, such as Google Maps and/or external platforms, also consider the costs charged by them. If you have a Pro plan and want to update this app in the App Store, consider a free biannual update, and for the rest, an additional fee of R$149 will be charged.
How does cancellation work?
You can request to cancel a plan at any time. This action automatically stops the benefits linked to the app on the end date of the contracted cycle.
Will Fabapp create my app?
Não. Somos uma plataforma feita para nossos usuários criarem seus próprios apps. Nosso serviço é focado em oferecer a melhor plataforma e experiência para isso. Oferecemos um serviço de construção de apps. Para receber um orçamento, clique em “Produtos >> Fazemos para você”, no cabeçalho deste site, e preencha o formulário.